Protect our Communities from Gangs, Drugs, and Guns

Our government’s most sacred responsibility is to keep our citizens safe. Canadians should feel safe in their homes and communities, and have confidence that their government is going to protect them. Over the past few years, this just hasn’t been the case and Canadians continue to be outraged by the soft-on-crime decisions of the Trudeau Liberals.

Violent crime is on the rise in our community, illegal guns are flooding our streets, and more and more drug dealers are preying on our youth. Meanwhile, the Liberals are working to pass a bill that lowers sentences for gang-related crimes. The reality is that they are about to let the people who commit violent crimes and smuggle guns across our borders, and sell drugs to our children, back out on the streets!


As a member of a Conservative government, I will support our party’s plan for a Safer Canada which will:

Cracking Down on Gangs:

• Ending automatic bail for gang members
• Identifying gangs in the Criminal Code
• Revoking parole for gang members
• Tougher sentences for ordering gang crime
• New sentences for violent gang crime

Gun Laws That Target Criminals:

• Prison time for knowingly possessing a smuggled gun
• Tackling “straw purchases”
• Create a CBSA Firearms Smuggling Task Force
• Temporary gun seizures for detained mental health patients
• Lifetime firearms ban for violent and gang criminals
• New penalties for selling guns to prohibited users
• New tools for police to solve gun crimes

Equipping Police to Protect:

• New funding to fight gangs
• Create a Police Infrastructure Grant program
• Better information sharing to solve gun crimes
• Stronger background checks for gun licenses
• More support to keep young people from joining gangs
• Making prison time meaningful

When it comes to the safety and security of our citizens, we have a Prime Minister who is asleep at the switch.

I have spent my entire career fighting to keep Canadians safe, and I won’t back down now.