Defend our Freedoms

Our political freedoms are being undermined by the Trudeau Liberals.

Justin Trudeau is proactively discriminating against Canadians who hold different political and social views from those of his Liberal party.

We saw this last summer, when the Liberals added an attestation box on applications for the Canadian Summer Jobs Program. This forced community organizations and churches to make a difficult choice: willingly violate their conscience, or go without funding. These organizations were not involved in political activism, they were providing much needed relief to the most vulnerable people in our community, yet Justin Trudeau wanted their funding axed.

Our freedoms of expression, religion, thought, and conscience , are protected as fundamental constitutional guarantees in section 2(b) of the Charter. But our own prime minister continues to undermine them.

Trudeau argues that diversity is our greatest strength, but he’s missing the bigger picture. Diversity is merely a by-product of our real strength - freedom.

Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world to live, but it won’t stay that way through wishful thinking.

That is why as your Conservative Member of Parliament I pledge to relentlessly defend our political freedoms. The freedoms that generations of veterans fought and died for.

My first step is to ensure that the government stops discriminating against people that the governing party disagrees with.