Create better-paying jobs through economic investment in natural resources.

The recent decision to cancel the Trans Canada pipeline was the direct result of over-regulation, and government pandering to special interest groups. The cancellation of this project is a major blow to Canadian economic prosperity, and makes it more difficult for Canadians to provide for their families.

It also ensures that oil will continue to be transported by rail which is much more dangerous for the environment, and more expensive. Furthermore, why must we continue to buy more expensive oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela when we can support Canadian workers in our own country?

We need to invest in Canada’s future in an environmentally friendly way. Modern pipelines are safer for the environment than rail and would provide Canada with the revenue required to invest in cleaner technology without putting Canadians out of work.

Keep Canadians united with an economic policy that is fair to all regions.

The Liberal government’s enthusiastic support with billions of taxpayer dollars to save a struggling Quebec based corporation, while entangling Western Canadian business interests with unnecessary regulatory procedures is patently unfair.

It favors one region while alienating another. The government ought to be using its economic policies to bring Canadians together, instead of inciting disunity.

I am committed to actively supporting policies that encourage economic development across our entire great nation, instead of pitting one region against another.