Membership Deadline - July 19, 2018

Published on July 09, 2018

After 10 months of knocking on doors, 7 days a week for 9 hours a day, the final day of membership sales was upon us. Once we got notice that the nomination had finally been opened, we only had 3 weeks left to sell memberships.  My incredible team of volunteers that have been with me throughout the year had risen to the occasion. I had multiple teams tracking down supporters of mine whose memberships had expired that needed to be renewed. I had other volunteers join me in the final three weeks to help me sell new memberships. Alex Osario and Elanor Brodie often rivaled the number of memberships I sold.  So don’t ever let anyone tell you that only the candidate can sell memberships. My volunteers proved that dedicated people who are passionate about what they’re doing can sell memberships too!  

I also had a team of phone bankers led by my father, Paul, who were instrumental in booking appointments for me to go to peoples houses to sell more memberships. Those combined efforts allowed me to sell 20 memberships per day consistently throughout the final three weeks. In the end, we had sold a bit more than 1500 memberships in 10 months. The only bad thing about having sold so many memberships was the 20 hour marathon that 8 members of my team, and myself, spent filling out bulk submission forms for the party. That took way longer than we thought, but we got it done!

These are the last two memberships sold during my nomination campaign.