Say NO to the UN Global Compact for Migration!

Say NO to the UN Global Compact for Migration!

Justin Trudeau is planning to sign Canada onto the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, an effort to set international standards and responsibilities around migration.

Andrew Scheer opposes signing on to this international agreement, because Canada must be in control of our borders and have full autonomy over who enters our country – not some foreign entity that cannot be held accountable by the Canadian people.

A Conservative government under Andrew Scheer’s leadership would immediately withdraw Canada from this Global Compact on Migration.

The UN Global Compact even contains troubling language around “sensitizing and educating” journalists on how they should report about immigration.

Canadian journalists should be free to scrutinize the government on immigration policywithout influence.

It is unacceptable that Justin Trudeau wants to give up Canadian sovereignty to an unelected international body!

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