Resolve our border crisis

Canada is a compassionate country that wants to help refugees fleeing death, persecution, and discrimination and we should be very proud of this; however, we need to ensure that our compassion is not taken advantage of.

We need to ensure that new Canadians who have come to Canada in previous years are not disrespected by the Trudeau government by turning a blind eye to the circumvention of Canadian law. A fair, rules-based system needs to be maintained.

Furthermore, when refugees are accepted into Canada we need to ensure they are set up for success so they can freely choose to integrate themselves into Canadian society. Trudeau’s irresponsible mismanagement of the refugee file does not help refugees, and it does not help Canadians writ large. It only helps him score cheap political points.

Let's work together by having an honest, mature discussion about how to ensure Canadians, and refugees alike are better served by government policy that makes sense.