Scrap Trudeau's unfair tax hikes

Step 1 – Reverse the small business tax increase

I firmly believe that excessive taxation is one of the biggest threats to Canada’s middle class. An increased tax on small business owners harms us all by making life more expensive for everyone. When the government takes money away from small business owners, businesses close, jobs are lost, and the cost to consumers increases.

Step 2 – Eliminate the carbon tax

The Liberal carbon tax places an undue financial burden on Canadians at a time when our citizens are reaching record levels of personal debt. A large proportion of Canadians rely on natural gas to heat their homes in the winter. Does Justin Trudeau really expect Canadians to stop heating their homes in –40 degree weather? Penalizing consumers doesn’t clean up the environment. There are better ways to do that. The carbon tax is simply a Trudeau scheme to fund excessive spending and government waste and it needs to be put to a stop.

Step 3 – Stop Trudeau’s continued attempts at taxing benefits

Recently, Justin Trudeau tried to tax health, dental, and employee benefits. These benefits are often provided to employees instead of higher salaries. Now Trudeau wants to reduce the value of these benefits by taxing them. This means less money to pay for increasing utilities, food, housing, and retirement. Trudeau did not earn his vast wealth, he inherited it. He has never had to worry about paying for basic necessities, so he doesn’t understand the burden his multiple tax hikes place on hard-working Canadians. I will fight to eliminate these shameful increases and ensure that life is more affordable for all Canadians.