Stop Government Discrimination

Stop Government Discrimination

Justin Trudeau's attestation requirement for eligibility to the Summer Jobs Program is actively discriminating against Canadians. This is unacceptable!


Justin Trudeau is undermining our democracy by deciding that funding for the Summer Jobs program will only be awarded to organizations that share the same political and social views as him.

This is active discrimination and completely unfair!

To qualify for funding, you have to click 'yes' to an attestation box that affirms support for Trudeau's views.

But what about organizations that do not share the same beliefs as Justin Trudeau, who are not willing to lie about their beliefs on a government form?

Churches in Ottawa West--Nepean that employ students every summer to do valuable community service that is desperately needed have been denied funding.

They were told that they meet all the requirements and would be approved, but only if they clicked the box agreeing with Justin Trudeau.

Canada is a diverse country which is something to be proud of. That is why it is so important to be respectful and tolerant of people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and political / social views. 

Justin Trudeau claims to be inclusive, but he doesn't want to include people with differing points of view, in the Summer Jobs program.

If you agree this is unfair and unacceptable discrimination, please sign my petition. Help me take a stand. Lets defend our democratic, inclusive society together!