Stop Taking our Financial Information

Stop Taking our Financial Information

We need to stop the government from violating our privacy!


An egregious violation of our privacy has been committed.

We learned that Statistics Canada compelled one of Canada’s credit bureaus to disclose personal, financial, and credit information to the government.

The credit bureau was forced to turn over 15 years of credit history, SIN numbers, names, addresses, dates-of-birth, balances owed, and balances overdue, to the government.

The worst part is, the government made it clear that individuals whose financial information was taken were not to be informed, nor asked for their consent.

This wasn’t a mistake or an oversight. The financial information of Canadians was purposefully taken, in secret because they didn’t want you to know!

Furthermore, we’ve learned that Statistics Canada plans to compel Canada’s biggest banks and credit unions to turn over all their information on you too.

The government will now have access to every deposit, withdrawal, bill payment, overdraft charge, mortgage payment and more.

On Monday, our Conservative MP’s questioned the Trudeau government and asked him to intervene to prevent this unprecedented breach of privacy.

Justin Trudeau defended Statistics Canada’s right to all your financial information, and accused us of being “anti-science” and “anti-data!”

This gross invasion of our privacy cannot be allowed to continue. We need to elect a strong Conservative government that will protect your privacy.

If you agree that the government should not have access to this information without your consent, please sign the petition!