The Nomination Vote

Published on August 16, 2018

The big day has finally come - the Nomination vote after a 7 week nomination period. Those 7 weeks were gruelling. The entire team was working full-time conducting our GOTV operation, while I sold memberships and reconnected with my earlier supporters. I am very grateful to have had over 60 people come out to manage the GOTV on the final day. My job was easy. All I had to do was put on my suit and tie properly, give a good speech, and greet people for the rest of the night. The lions share of the work was done behind the scenes by my campaign team.

We had people set up in an operation centre making phone calls to all my supporters that had not yet arrived to remind them to come out and vote, and we had a team of drivers ready to go pick people up and bring them to the polls. We also had a team of greeters located at both doors. Last but not least was the team of scrutineers led by John Light.

I am proud to say that on August 16, 2018 I won the nomination with an overwhelming margin.

Thank you to all of my supporters and volunteers that stuck with me through the entire year.

One year down and another one left to go before we can defeat the Liberal incumbent and take our seat back!

For those of you who missed it you can view my nomination speech below.