Why I'm Running

I spent the past 23 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. I retired in the summer of 2017 as a Captain, but I wasn’t ready to stop serving Canada. I have committed my life to service before self and now I want to serve you as your Member of Parliament.

We need a strong Member of Parliament who will take a stand on the issues that matter to you. I will fight for you and ensure your voice is heard on Parliament Hill. We can no longer afford to elect Members of Parliament who read from a script, don’t answer questions, and are too afraid to take a stand for their constituents.

As a former military officer, I have experience leading the charge and making decisions in stressful and demanding situations. I am passionate about making a difference, and you can’t make a difference in politics if you aren’t willing to work hard and give it your all.

I’ve knocked on doors every day so I can meet as many people in the riding as possible. I firmly believe if you don’t have the time or motivation to meet voters face-to-face, you have no business being in politics. I can’t represent you if I don’t know you. That is why I am committed to meeting everyone in the riding.

I’m here to bring leadership back to local politics. I want to build bridges, bring people together, and unite Canadians. We’ve focused so much on everything that makes us different, that we’ve forgotten about everything we have in common.

Lets come together, stand as one, and ensure that Canada continues to be prosperous, democratic, and free.